Troyes = Shopping !...

The "Magasins d'Usines " were born at Troyes in the 60s, to sell the series of local industrial purposes. Firstly reserved for factory staff, they gradually open to the general public.

Recall some of the biggest Trojan brands: LACOSTE, DD, BABYGRO, ABSORBA, SMALL BOAT, GIL, MARINER, VITOS ...

Today, the reputation of the "Factories of Shops" and the expertise of our industrial department is well established. Thousands of visitors flock from all regions in our city to achieve excellent business there: the discounts offered vary between 30 and 70% and it is estimated that nearly three million a year, the number of visitors to these stores.

The biggest international brands are now present. They make an important center of Troyes Textile and Clothing, and the true capital of the "factory outlets" to the person's equipment. It is thus possible to dress "chic", "fashion" or "sport" and choose according to their needs, footwear, lingerie, ready to wear, linen, etc ... in more one hundred stores.

In the Middle Ages, Troyes was the thriving capital of the Champagne region, since it was considered the center of Europe, with its famous fairs of Champagne.
The merchants would flock there from everywhere to sell their drapes and silks.
Born soon after the war from the traditional textile business, brand stores have gained a wide audience in 10 years. It is part of the glorious past of this textile city.
Absorba-Poron, Lacoste, Petit Bateau, economic players in the Trojan textile industry flourished in Troyes. Recall that in the eighteenth century was the birthplace of Troyes hosiery to become the capital of the mesh.
In the 60s, in the many factories that had the city, selling outlets was a marginal form of trade carried on by some industrial textiles and clothing or household goods eager to find a solution to sell their overstocks end of the season.

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