A region rich in discoveries

A holiday on the shores of a lake in Aube en Champagne

Set on the banks of a lake, near the A5 and A26 motorways, in the heart of Regional Park Forest East, hosting of East Lake has a natural and beautiful.

Place of relaxing, it is also the ideal base for exploring the region of Aube en Champagne, a region of flavors which cultivates the vineyard for the production of champagne and a region where history meets General de Gaulle and the medieval world.

Historic Towns and Villages


At 20 miles from your accommodation, the medieval Troyes awaits. This fully restored medieval city has a lively town center where admirers of the houses in the 16th century and many churches known for their stained glass.

But Troyes is also famous for its factory outlets where at competitive prices, major clothing brands in France.


Colombey the two churches and was buried General de Gaulle is 40 km. Colombey built in honor of this great figure in the history of France, a memorial that can understand, through the life of a man, a large part of the History of the 20th century. Besides this permanent exhibition, the memorial houses of exciting exhibitions.

Natural Park of Foret d'Orient

The Natural Regional Park of Orient Forest stretches the boundaries of the Paris region south of Champagne.

Between water and forest, this park offers a range of varied landscapes that inspired, among others, the painter Auguste Renoir. This country of lakes and ponds, dominated by tall oaks, ideal for lovers of nature and bird watchers because this park is home to thousands of birds. In the fall, especially, it is possible to track the migration of cranes.

The Champagne, the most famous vineyards in the world

Champagne is known throughout the world for its sparkling wine that inspires weddings, celebrations and anniversaries.

If the bulk of the Champagne vineyards spread around Reims and Epernay, around the mountain of Reims and the Marne valley, part of the vineyard is located in the south of the Dawn, a few kilometers around the valley of the Seine.

This part of the vineyard is known as the Côte des Bar. Many wineries are open around the tasting. Feel free to inquire

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